Family. Work. Life. And the challenge of finding the right balance

Leonny – Singapore

If you live in Singapore, it’s common to see people in work suits on the train, on their way back from work, at 11pm!

When I myself was working fulltime, I remember how I would reach home past midnight. And, I’d be back at work in the weekends too.

Not because I wanted to stay back and work for longer hours (I didn’t get ‘overtime’ pay). It’s more because the job ‘required’ me to stay and return in the weekends.

I loved my job. But I realised how it’s not doing any good to me, my health, my social life, and my marriage (the kids were not born yet at the time)

Now that I’m a fulltime mom of two who works from home, I still find myself trying to balance so many things as best as I can.

But the reality is, it’s HARD.

Kids. Housework. Online business. Freelance work. Blogging. Photo shoots. Supporting my hubby’s business. Church ministries. To name a few.


Oh … not to forget, twosome time with hubby AND that time to be quiet by myself, to wind down and relax. You see, I love doing what I do … but since we all only have 24 hours in a day, I know I can’t always do ‘everything’. No one can.

So, on some days I tell myself to just accomplish more of A, B and C. On other days, I do more of D, E and F.

But even then, I find there are still SO many things that need to be done that I have YET to do. And one thing that I also realise is, in my attempt to juggle everything, I’d usually sacrifice … rest.

Which, I know, is a really BAD idea.

Because when we’re down and sick, we too can’t do much at all, can we?

Here’re some excerpts of the article:

He was a hardworking man who wanted to give his best for his customers at his drycleaning store.

But Tan Ying Rong’s dedication to his job cost him his life as he died from overwork earlier last week.

Mr Tan died from heart exhaustion, possibly caused by overwork, said Lianhe Wanbao.

The way I see it, … work is important, but we do need rest and leisure too to balance it all. We need time for ourselves. Time with friends and families.

Our time is limited to just 24 hours a day, and so how we spend it … is crucial.

Do we spend time with our family and friends ? Do we spend most of our time (read: too much time) on Facebook and work, for example?


I’m glad My Husband shared the article with me.

Because I feel once in a while, we do need a reminder or two to bring us all back on the ‘right track’, and to see what’s really important in our life.

And what’s not.

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