Lucy & Leo

Tammy – Australia


Lucy is sitting on the window sill
Regal and beautiful as can be
Looking at the world go by
Or are there birds in the tree?

Lucy is arching her back high
Purring as loudly as can be
Asking for a pat and a caress
Or is it time for tea?

Lucy is talking to me yet again
A meow as precise as can be
Answering my every question
Can she really understand me?

Lucy is napping in the sun
Getting as warm as can be
Stretching and yawning at the same time
Is she getting cuter or is it just me?

Monday, 9 November 2009



There is a spoiled rotten cat
With two round eyes of blue
His fur is soft and smooth
With spotted markings too

He can be a real charmer
As he’s playful and friendly
But on any other occasion
He turns into a bully

He thinks he runs the house
Since he does what he pleases
And demands that we surrender
To all of his wishes

There is nothing you can do
To improve any of that
For he has learned to be
A perfectly spoiled rotten cat

29 November 2009

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