My First Ever Bento-Making Workshop!

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Let me start by saying … yes, I cook. I cook because I need to. Not quite because I LOVE to cook.

I’m not adventurous when it comes to cooking. And I’m constantly amazed at those who can regularly come up with different variety of meals and yummy cakes, who regard cooking / baking as a form of stress-reliever too!

Now. Some two weeks ago, I received an invitation from Edelman (on behalf of the Health Promotion Board) to attend a parenting event where bloggers get to learn more about healthy eating for children through creative Bento making.

And upon reading that email, the first thing that popped in my mind was, ‘Hmm … Me? Making those cute Japanese-style lunch boxes? I totally have NO idea how and have NEVER done it. I’d most probably be one of the clueless people in the workshop too, but … hey WHY NOT!’

Anyway, I wouldn’t have known what bento making (or anything for that matter) is like, if I had never given it a try, yes?

So there I was last Saturday, attending my first ever ‘food-related’ workshop at Cairnhill Community Club.

Here’s how the whole 2-hour session went…

Everyone who attended the workshop received a ’bento souvenir set’ (Top picture). Basically we received the basic ‘tools’ needed to start making our own bento, ie. cute lunch boxes, shaped cookie cutters, etc.

[All these you can easily get for yourselves for $2 each from Daiso, btw. And as far as I know there are three outlets in Singapore: Vivo City, Plaza Singapura and IMM]

And this is a shot of the kitchen where we :
… listened to Ms Letty, a nutritionist, who shared more about healty eating
… listened to Angie who explained more about bento-making
… made our own bento within an hour

When we were all told, ‘Okay, now it’s time to make your own bento!’, I looked around and saw everyone going to the different ’stations’ (where food and fruits were nicely supplied).

And I stood there thinking, ‘Errr … I have NO idea what to make and where to start …’

But soon after, these two little ones (who waited outside during the presentations) came in and joined me in ‘bento-making’.

Anya suggested making something using our star and heart-shaped cutters.

I still had no idea what I’d make, but I thought I should just start putting different colourful food into my box and see what I could make out of them.

This is us looking busy.

Vai, … well, he cut bits and pieces of food. He probably assumed he’s in an arts and craft session!

AND. When the one hour deadline was up, this was what I managed to come up with! Haha.


Am happy with what I made!

And one of best things about bento-making is … seeing it all gobbled up happily by the kids!


Now that I've attended the bento-making workshop, I guess the two big questions are …

Am I inspired? Will I make my own bento again at home?

And the answer to both is, … YES!

Because really, it's not as 'hard' as it looks after you've tried making one.

(Realistically though, I don't think any of my home-made bentos would be half as cute and elaborate as those made by real bento-lovers]

And here’s proof of how ‘inspired’ I was.

The very next day, I prepared this simple bento for the kids to eat after Sunday School!

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  1. audrey  19 April, 2012 at 17:34

    hihi, would you care to provide me details of the bento making workshop? thanks!

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