Spring is in the Air

Imeii – USA

As usual.. spring comes early here, today the weather was very nice, shine and bright, clear sky, cool breeze with temperature around 72’F… It is so nice to sit on a bench at our backyard, reading and relaxing with a cup of hot tea, spending quality time with my better half,  like always… my camera is handy as well…life is good huh…

Menu for the weeks

Bokchoy, from last year, the seeds were scattered everywhere either by birds or wind, will be on our menu for months baby

bokchoy/shanghai bokchoy

cilantro is everywhere

the only red bellpepper left

some garlics

chives are coming back too

chive’s flower, picture from last year

my husband’s favorite pea, snow peas, not as much as last year, enough to be mixed in veggies soup or stir fry capcay

snow pea, still with flower and stem

the tree is beginning to sprout

the color in our yard for now

african daisy rose


the bees played happily while pollinating the flowers,  help us spreading the seeds.. bokchoy flowers and the bees

Hope you all can enjoy my pictures… all pictures were taken recently, the most recent ones were an hour ago :) Enjoy your  spring season.. Imeii

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