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Daniel Paisan – Mainz, Jerman

A travel to Indonesia

My family and me taken the last summer holidays to fly over to Indonesia, the country my father’s from, the country where already many relatives and where my persons roots belong to.

When we did this travel, I already had a few impressions how I could be like, from my last travel to Indonesia, 10 years ago. While I was in Germany Indonesia partially changed but other things also stayed the same way. So the thing I always liked the best about my second home was the coexisting and combination of modern and tradition.

To begin at the start, we taken a 12h flight to Kuala Lumpur where we stayed for 4 days and then take the next flight. Although I write about a travel to Indonesia, Kualalumpur remains to be a part of the travel. To short cut these 4 days: we did some touristic tour around the city, where I have seen the 2 faces of this city. In the main centre the buildings are pretty modern skyscrapers between the buildings the nature, in form of big old trees, was present everywhere.  The second face is the face of the ring around the centre where everywhere you look new skyscrapers are built. Most of the city makes me feel like it is beautiful, but a little bit snobbish.

When we arrived in Jakarta, I feeled like coming back to a place you have known well but forgotten through time. A memory like a sparkling star is the dinner in the planet Hollywood. This was one of the places I travelled 10 years ago with my family, too. It was really fun to see how the decoration changed from past to now, and the live acts, even I didn’t know them, sounded really great.

The next stop was Ciloto, a place that I remember with mixed feelings. On the one hand where the really kind people of the GMDJ we met there and the fantastic surrounding nature with all kind of herbal, on the other and the bad state of health of my mother and later me too.

In Bandung our first station was the hospital where my Mom and me got infusions and nearly got crazy by trying to sleep but being fully awake. My illogical fear of needles did the rest, but through the next weeks of the travel I got used to needles and syringes. One evening we were taken dinner out, and in the background 2 guys did the music and fascinated me, cause for me THIS is one of Indonesia’s charming points, the atmosphere sitting in front of a little restaurant while the night rises and some people do music. Such a scene would be here in Germany nearly impossible.

Arriving in Surabaya my mother’s health decreased again and so we brought her to my uncle, a very good doctor, who was really caring. A little later my father and me gone to the birthday party of my aunt, where I seen another specialty of Indonesia: parties with a good vibe and much kind people. The days in Surabaya we spend with our family, talked, gone to some malls, eaten together and seen every site of Surabaya. My cousins over there behaved to me like we known each other forever, and that another big plus for the Indonesian mentality. If there are some people together, they don’t need to be related or even know each other, the most time they will be really kind and have fun. As a little mark at the corner: the creambaths/massages are overwhelming good and relax body and soul.  The son of a cousin of mine of Timor brought us an instrument we ordered. It is called sasandu or sasando/ I’m not sure.  Unfortunately my sister got to go back to Germany because her work started earlier then ours.

On the way trough Indonesia, our next little stop where the Prambanan. These temples with their large garnishments and ornaments impressed me much and made me want to come back next time.

When we arrived Jogja I was a little bit confused because everywhere you can see different spellings of the name sometimes Jogja, Djodja, Dyogya or just Yogya, it was really a kind of fun to look around and watching if I find another spelling. Malioboro was a pretty cool experience for me with all the sellers’ prices that partially fall during 5 minutes about more percent than anywhere else. When we did a trip to Gunung Merapi the scenery there and the myths that go around there gave me a cold shower.

The place in Indonesia that left the strongest Memories 10 years ago was the Borobudur.  This temple with its style, the way the stone feels after all the time standing in the sun,. I don’t know what exactly fascinates me so much about it, but when I get to the Borobudur, climb the stairs step by step, go around the rings with their ornaments, and reach the top with the stupas/stone bells. It made me feel like coming home to family. This place gives me an unbelievable feeling, and I am sure will go there every time I’m near to it.

In Semarang we visited more family. At the grave of my grandparents, which is also in Semarang, the graveyard around looks like a real graveyard out of a story, not like the green park-graveyards that are usually in Germany. This place made me feel like I know my grandfather even if I never saw him. Next morning at Simpang Lima at the pasar the temperature hit the maximum and between the myriads of people and sellers  I felt like baked but it was an experience I would never like to miss. With a friend of us we know from Germany, we gone one evening for the dinner to the haven to a fish restaurant that was so good, that  every time I remember, got the taste of  this fish again.  the big-really big- aquarium just a few meters from there surprised me with 2 such enormous fish that I got the feeling like they are a kind of  prehistoric shark and moraine.

The last station on our trip was Jakarta for one night and a half day. Right after the breakfast we gone to the Pasar Traditional . This pasar had the most enormous variety of vegetable and other food.  A friend of my father has shown us his new little Basso restaurant. I would have never thought of different kinds of basso, but they taste really great. After that we had to go to the airport to get our flight but the time in Indonesia will always stay in my mind as a great advantage and adventure.

I would like to thank a few people, first I want to thank all our friends and family that spend time with us and cared for us. Furthermore I want to like to thank all the ones that seen my pictures at the articles of my father and commented on them. And last but not least my father, mother, sister, brother.

with best regards


Note Redaksi:

Daniel, welkom! It is nice surprise to see your nice article here. Welcome and make yourself at home. It’s nice to have you here and read your ‘adventures’ in Indonesia. We hope not only this time, but your other stories will follow later on.

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