My Medieval Trip to Tallinn

Sasayu – Helsinki

Hi again!! This time, I would like to try something new in my writing. This will be my first English article in Baltyra. I just had one-week autumn break after the first period of studying not hard (I had so many free days and tried finding courses to do. That’s why I ended up cooking a lot). Anyway, my classmates asked me to join a trip to Tallinn and I could invite two more people. They got this offer, so we just paid € 6 each for retour instead of €15-20 one way. I am not stereotyping, but I should befriend with Chinese more, they just know how to get discounts and cheap offer. Please don’t be offended, I am also Indonesian born Chinese. Moreover, I can practice my Mandarin again, after being stuffed with Holland Spreken for three years. FYI, in my class, we are all Asians, 8 Chinese, one Indonesian, one Indian and one Philippines. No doubt, when I showed the picture of my class, Mom said,”I am not sure if you’re studying in Helsinki, it seems like in Hongkong to me” (LOL)

So, eight of us got on the ten-storey cruise at 11.30 and arrived at 14.00. Unfortunately, by using this offer, we could only spend one-day trip, it was still fun though. For people who do not know about Tallinn, it is the capital and the largest city of Estonia. Up to now, they still use EEK (Estonian Kroon) as currency, despite their affiliation as one of EU members. However, this condition will end January 2011.

In the cruise, I changed my money to EEK (should have changed in Estonia, the rate was better). Later I knew that apparently, Estonian accepts both Euro and Kroon, but it is still cheaper to do shopping in EEK. Finnish usually go to Tallinn to shop, mostly cigarettes and alcohol, since almost every goods in Tallinn is so much cheaper than in Helsinki. I bought myself 5-litre of Heineken beer and one bottle of Bailey’s. My friend, he packed his bag with at least 5 cartons of cigarettes. Here are some photos taken during the trip. Due to the short visit (4 hours), we only wandered around the Old City, which looks so medieval and beautiful. I felt like being brought in Robin Hood story. My Estonian friend told me that the new city looks more Soviet-occupied cities; I guess I’ll check it next time. I regret the weather; it gave gloomy and foggy effect to the photos. Nevertheless, enjoyyy…

We started from the harbor

The casino inside the cruise

Another ship passing by

Tuomiokirkko (The Lutheran Cathedral) from distance

Some private-owned islands. I can never imagine how to live my life there, especially during the winter. Probably, these houses are rent during the summer

Open market in Tallinn

This house just caught my eyes with its haunted mansion look

Viru Gate, the entrance to the Old Town

The vendor of caramel layered nuts. It reminds me of Aachen’s Christmas market

The fortress

How attached I am with “Cicak”, SISALIK means Lizard

The square

We had dinner at this garlic restaurant

Garlic beer. LOVE IT! Especially the garlic sprinkles on top

Garlic Lamb Shank with red-wine sauce

Back in Helsinki at 20.00

Thank you very much for reading my articles. Your comments are highly appreciated.

See you guys when I see you…


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