Featured in TODAY Newspaper: School Holiday Guide

Leonny – Singapore

(November 01, 2010 Newspaper)

Here’s news!

We were featured today, on Today Newspaper!


What a nice start to the month of November!

The article is about the kinds of activities you can do with your kids while you’re at home.

And frankly, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the article.

Because, I thought I’d probably be quoted just once or twice. Totally didn’t expect to see ‘just us and what we do’ in the article!

*Thanks Zafirah for the interview and the nice write-up!*


I’ve uploaded the large version of the scanned article! Click here and here to view larger image to be able to read.

Happy reading!

Backlink: http://www.oureverydaythings.com/2010/11/featured-in-today-newspaper-school-holiday-guide/

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