[Family Corner] Evening Silhouette Watercolor Painting


We created an evening scene using watercolour the other day!

(actually, Anya’s was an ‘underwater’ scene as she wanted to have a ‘mermaid’ silhouette, heh)

The fun part of this activity is, the kids get to choose WHAT they’d like to have as the silhouette.

Anya wanted to have a mermaid, and Vai (of course) wanted Lightning McQueen!

What we used:

– Black coloured paper

– White coloured drawing paper

– Pencil, scissors, glue stick

– Watercolour (we used blue, but you can always use orange for that ’sunset’ look)

What we did:

– Kids made the request, and Mommy drew them on the black-coloured paper

(Tips: Create something for the ‘base’ as well. For Anya, I looked at her Ariel storybook and drew something like a ’shipwreck’ base. For Vai, I created something like a mountain / a dune as the base. See photo at the top)

– Mommy cut out the ’silhouettes’

– Using watercolour, work on the colours from the top (I mixed the colour one by one. This way Vai did the layers one by one too, instead of going from one colour shade to the next mixing everything altogether)

– Once the watercolour was done, we put it aside to dry

– Once dry, the kids glued the silhouettes onto their watercolour paintings.

And it’s done!!

So here’s one activity idea for you on this Children’s Day!

Have fun creating your own evening silhouette watercolour paintings with the kids!

And, of course … Happy Children’s Day to all little ones out there!

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