Trace the History of the Ancient Mataram Empire

Imung Mursyid


Visit Jogja/ Yogyakarta? What can we do in Jogja? Don’t worry, many exciting places in Jogja that you can visit such as mountain, cave, beach, museum, temple, sultan palace, zoo, art stage, art gallery and so on. And you can join tour activities that we organize at low cost.

plaosan temple

The one of these activities is a tour activity by bicycle. This is the  exciting alternative tour. This tour is bike to explore the villages are near The Prambanan masterpiece temple.

In this tour, you cycling throught the rice fields, cassava and sugar cane fields, and seeing daily activity of peasant, buffalos, goats, ducks  and visiting the beautiful small temples.

plowing wet rice field

Beside that, we inviting you go on foot to go up the hill to visit the one of the beautiful small temples that located at the top of that hill. Name of that temple is Barong Temple. From Barong Temple  we can see beautiful scenery. If we visit Barong Temple at afternoon and the weather is clear, we can watch sunset.

All of the temples  that we visiting were built in about the 7th –  8th century. If we image  about that place in the past, used to it was busy and bustling place, with many people were building those temples for their king.

Banyu Niba and Sambi Sari temple

Used to  those temples were used in many purpose such as a palace, place for praying, a dormitory of Buddhist monk ( there is Buddhist Temple and Hindu Temple ), a place for storing the human corpse ashes of the kings and their families.

In this tour program, we don’t visit Prambanan and Boko Temple, except there is special request from you and you get additional cost to enter those temples area.

Fun Bike

At best this tour activity is started in the morning. Get off at about 07.00-08.00 pm, so that we can get good moment and avoid the intensity of the heat of the sun. Duration of this tour take about 3- 4 hours.


Beside riding bicycle, you can join this tour activity by Andong ( Traditional vehicle of Jogja. But it cost more expensive, if you join this tour activity by Andong. One Andong can hold 4 ( four ) passengers.

village tour

You can join this tour by bicycle at low cost, only Rp 120.000/ person. More than 4 ( four ) participants Rp 90.000/ person ( The cost is subject to change without prior notice ). This cost included rent bicycle, enter to temple area, drinking water, public transportation  from your hotel to location of tour.

If you only one participant, you can ride along with me by motorcycle to get there, no addition cost.

We give you two choice way to get location of tour. The first way you can go there by car that i provide. This car can hold 6 (six) passengers. You get addition cost Rp 250.000 (payment in advance, pick up service at your hotel).

The second way you can go there by public transportation, but usually its condition isn’t comfortable, but no problem, because it just take for a moment.

This tour activity can be ran  at afternoon, but  usually we will get problem, because no public transportation at afternoon to go back to your hotel and usually the rain fall down.




  • Condition of the wheather isn’t our responsibility
  • Participant has to be in healthy condition
  • The cost is subject to change without prior notice
  • If you go to location of tour by vehicle that we provide, we have regulation
  • Reservation one day before
  • If you cancel it, we fine you 50% of transportation cost
  • If we cancel it, we are returning 110% of transportation cost that  you have paid




If you join this tour program, at best you  wear a hat, black glass, sport shoes and sunblock.

We can make this tour program as rally bike, if  amount of participant more than 20 person and if there is request from you.

dome house

So if you are interested to join this tour program, and you need more information or making reservation, please contact Our Hometown Tour Organizer. E-mail : our_ [email protected] Beside this tour program, we serve the other tour program in Jogja. We are your friends for your tour.

The Beauty Natural Waits Patienly to be Explored by You



8 Comments to "Trace the History of the Ancient Mataram Empire"

  1. EA.Inakawa  17 May, 2011 at 02:25

    Saya pernah kesana dan naik Sado/andong……asyik benarannnnnnn,salam baik buat Mas Imung dari Kinshasa

  2. [email protected]  16 May, 2011 at 11:57

    kena komplen ama master of DSLR (om DJ)
    kena komplen ama yang empunya artikel (buto)


    ntar nangis yang punya artikel.

  3. J C  16 May, 2011 at 10:59

    Imung Mursyid, sepertinya kiriman foto artikel ini terlalu kecil size’nya, jadi pecah. Lain kali lebih baik foto dan artikel dikirim terpisah, atau kalau mau ditempel di Word, jangan terlalu mini ukurannya…

    Terima kasih informasi Ancient Mataram ini…

  4. Handoko Widagdo  16 May, 2011 at 10:05

    Imung, salam kenal dari Kawula Mataram Modern. Welcome and enjoy Baltyra

  5. Lia  16 May, 2011 at 09:02

    wah, dome house

  6. Djoko Paisan  15 May, 2011 at 18:07

    Mas Imung….
    Bagus, photonya sengaja di buramkan ya….???

  7. Lani  15 May, 2011 at 13:10

    nice but the pics blurry…….too bad……

  8. Linda Cheang  15 May, 2011 at 11:14

    koq, gambarnya burem semua? huwa…huwa…hiks…

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