Honeybee With Me

Nyai EQ


I was sitting alone in front of the open window
Try to catch the air from the spring wind
Smell the blossom of yellow tiny flowers
Sweet and fresh from the minute shower

I was just sitting
And thinking
Sun light blinking
The candy jar twinkling
When suddenly a single bee was coming
From the open window and buzzing

I was still sitting in front of the open window
But not alone anymore
A honeybee come along and I said hellooo…
He’s busy buzzing and ignoring me

He was black with yellow stripes
He was too chubby with those transparent wings
I asked: hey, where do you come from ?
He said nothing, cause he was busy buzzing

Little honeybee tried to get the last candy
From the glass of candy jar
He occupied to buzzing and flying and horsing around
In the glass of candy jar

Hey, I said
It was a lemon candy with ginger and mint
It must be not too sweet
And my little fellow didn’t know it
I was sitting and thinking
And talking to the little honeybee
But he said nothing
Because he was too busy buzzing
Tried to get the last candy in the glass of candy jar

Stay there little honeybee
Stay with me
Keep buzzing and I will sing and murmur and whistle
Stay there little love
I still have some candy and sweets

But when the sun uprising so high
It’s the time to go home
Back to his tree house in the field near the river
Would you please to come here again, tomorrow, I asked
I still have some candy and sweets
But he said nothing
Because he still busy buzzing and flying

I was sitting in front of the open window
And still sitting, alone again
And wishing for the other days
Honeybee, honeybee…..with me

Jogja, 2012-03-19     1:34 am

Honey, be with me…….©


14 Comments to "Honeybee With Me"

  1. EQ  8 April, 2012 at 10:31

    Om Handuk : saya bukan mbok2an tawon, hehehehe……tapi ratu enthung
    Cie Linda : saya mau memadu saja ah, hahahha…
    Kang Anoew : enak kui….Honey lemon + tea anget…..udan-udan kek gini enyak banget
    Waaah….ada yang reuni di sini, hahahhaha……….
    Mawar : weee….kok melas giman sih ? itu mesra……hahhaha…. *efekkangen

  2. Mawar09  8 April, 2012 at 04:01

    EQ : kok memelas sih kalimat terakhir dibawah foto honeybee yg galak itu “honey, be with me” hmmmm……..!

  3. Linda Cheang  7 April, 2012 at 23:49

    mau madunya, tapi aku tak mau dimadu, hehehe…

  4. J C  7 April, 2012 at 20:57

    Nyai, lha emang kalau weekend atau long weekend ya edisi seperti ini, biar seger, setelah full seminggu artikel terus…weekend memang wadah untuk berekspresi dan juga untuk refreshing…

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