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Gethuk (pronounced : geutoock) is a traditional typical Javanese, and identical to Javanese itself since a long time. It is a variants of cassava-based food as among Javanese cassava is one of staple food along with rice. Gethuk is made of cooked and mashed cassava, mixed with some sugar, either granulated or brown sugar, and served with cooked shredded coconut with some salt. It becomes part of Javanese’s coffee or tea time much alike Afternoon tea among Britons.




Gethuk itself is known among Javanese diasporas particularly in Malaysia and Suriname where Javanese has great numbers. Meanwhile, there are variations of Gethuk depend on the regions. Those are :

  1. Typical gethuk. Usually white or brown in colors and rectangular in shape.

  2. Gethuk Trio, typically from Magelang, Central Java. It is rectangular, and consists of three colors (white, pink, brown). It smells like vanilla, and sold in small pieces.

  3. Gethuk Goreng (Fried Gethuk), deep fried gethuk and it’s brown. Only found in Sokaraja, Banyumas, Central Java.

  4. Gethuk Lindri, another type of gethuk, but the differences is as it is flavored in various such as durian, chocolate, vanilla, and more.It is grinded with meat grinder and cut into cubes. You can also sprinkle cheese or shredded coconut on it too.

  5. Besides from cassava, gethuk can be made of banana, taro, and sweet potato. The famous one is gethuk pisang made of banana and typical of Kediri, East Java.

As the trend grows, gethuk also follows. Some recipe books have got its newest type of gethuk. Rainbow gethuk. I tried to practice the recipe, especially the satay form. It looks like easy, but actually it needs special efforts in order to make a delicious gethuk.



As I don’t have blue coloring, so I don’t call it rainbow gethuk. Just fancy gethuk. And for the variations, I add some cheese in it as the best choice. Inspired by Ny Liem’s recipes, I try and it works though some ingredients are unavailable. Just play with the available coloring.

  • 1 ½ kg of buttery cassava (yellowish one)
  • 250 gram of cheese (shred it all)
  • 200 gram of sugar
  • Some satay sticks
  • Orange essence for orange color
  • Strawberry essence for red
  • Grape essence for purple
  • Pandan essence for green
  • Yellow food color
  • Cooked shredded coconut and some salt


  • Cook the cassava and coconut for around 15-20 minutes. Separate the coconut then.
  • Mash the cassava until smooth, add the cheese and sugar. Mix well.
  • Prepare the colorings. Parts the cassava into five or six parts. And add coloring according to your taste.
  • Roll into balls and arrange them by satay sticks
  • Enjoy it with the coconuts.



This is a modification of Gethuk and it looks brightly colored, but trust me, it’s not dangerous colors, just made of natural colorings. It tastes similar to other gethuks, but with slightly salty as cheese components.



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