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Hello everybody! This is my next goody foody Indonesia special for you. Now I am living in Tangerang, a city belongs to province of Banten and directly bordered to Jakarta. I was looking for its iconic culinary and as it is part of Betawian culture sphere, we can see various Betawian foods along with Sundanese and other Indonesian’s foods.  One thing I want to eat here is Laksa.


Many people know that Laksa is a kind of noodle soup derived from Peranakan culture, and spread from Thailand until Indonesia (particularly Jakarta and its surroundings). I never try Betawian laksa, but finally I tried Tangerang laksa, as it is close to my dwelling place. I went with my cousin to Jl. M. Yamin, Tangerang. Full of trees and cooler than other parts of Tangerang. My cousin said that Jl. M. Yamin, near women prison and his high school (SMPN 4 Tangerang), there are many laksa sellers and eight of them had been concentrated to one place for more than three years.


Laksa Center, Tangerang

Finally I can try Laksa Tangerang. But there are still other two variants I haven’t tried: Laksa Betawi and Laksa Cibinong (Bogor), maybe I’ll try it later. But let me describe a little about Laksa Tangerang. It is savory with little bit sour when we taste it. Its noodles is made of rice so that’s why it tasted coarse when we have it. Its soup is made of potatoes, dry fried shredded coconut, coconut milk, turmeric, kaffir lime leaves and other herbs. Chicken and boiled eggs are added into it. But after all are done, the chicken will be served separately and it can be roasted first.


The ingredients

For me, Laksa Tangerang is delicious, savory and little bit sour. For one plain portion, you pay IDR 5,000; while with boiled egg IDR 8,000 and with roasted chicken you have to pay IDR 15,000. It will be more expensive when you order combo (chicken and boiled egg, as if you eat mother and son). The place is relaxing and the seller said it’s opened since 6 a.m until the end.


Laksa..for two

Unfortunately Laksa Tangerang is not as famous as other Laksa. I ever tried Laksa in Malaysia, though only one type (Johor) and my Singaporean friend ever sent me instant noodles with asam laksa flavor. It is merely sour then. This is one of cultural fusion found in Tangerang, and I hope I can find other typical foods besides Laksa Tangerang. Laksa Betawi and Laksa Bogor (Cibinong) are the next, after I establish myself here.




Tangerang, July 2013

*Whenever we go, whatever we eat (as far as lawful for one’s beliefs).


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15 Comments to "Goody Foody Indonesia: Laksa Tangerang"

  1. Linda Cheang  10 July, 2013 at 00:16

    oh, laksa….

  2. Handoko Widagdo  9 July, 2013 at 09:13

    Laksa ala laksasa.

  3. Handoko Widagdo  9 July, 2013 at 09:13

    Ya udah menunggu laksa ala JC aja.

  4. Lani  9 July, 2013 at 08:12

    DA : jd dirimu msh bs sadar to????? wakakakakak……….jiaaaaaan ngekel aku

  5. elnino  9 July, 2013 at 07:58

    Rasanya gurih santan, sedikit pedas berempah… kalo yang versi Betawi pake taburan remesan oncom segar n kemangi… taburan kedelai malah gak pernah perhatikan, pake gak ya…

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