“Fibre Filippine go to Rome”

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Rome has hosted for nearly a week, one of the biggest events of the Filipino community, great for both the cultural level and for the duration. Organized by the wife of the Ambassador of the Philippines in Rome Mr. Virgilio Reyes Jr., Mrs. Marie Luarca-Reyes at the head of the ENFID (European Network of Filipino Diaspora), in collaboration with Michael Piacentini of ” Les Artistes.it ,” Romulo Salvador City Councilor of Rome and Dr. Casimero Dulay President of MDI – Mission Driven Italy, it was presented the project “FIBRE PHILIPPINES go to Rome ,” October 17 to 20.

Six among the most famous designers have come from the Philippines to show the use of fabric Piña and Abaca originating in the Philippines, in dresses for any occasion: Dita Sandico – Ong, Anthony Cruz Legarda, Patis Tesoro, Renee Salud, Jaki Peñalosa and Cristina Ferraren showed their creations, while the use of these fibers as accessories or decorations was exhibited by the producers arrived from the Philippines. On 16 October there was a press conference in the hall of the Capitol, with the official presentation of the project and individual designers, who have answered to reporters’ questions about the meaning of the event and on their personal style.

What has emerged, to summarize, is first and foremost the need to promote the Filipino fibers and to reach the global market, with a strong sense of pride for a fabric that is specific to the indigenous Filipino tradition ( its use has about three hundred years ), and also to promote the image of Filipino women as artists and artisans of these fabrics. The event thus has a double purpose, shared by the organizers and designers : a social purpose – to increase the employment sector in Ital; and a cultural aim – is not only a fashion event, but also an historical and cultural promotion of the fibers. Rome is therefore only the starting point to reach other cities in the future, up from Italy to Europe. Reminding that the Piña fiber is extracted from the leaves of the pineapple plant, such as the Banana from the banana plant, while the Abaca – or Manila Hemp – is extracted from the stem of the plant .

The event is followed unfortunately the tragic events that have shocked the Philippines, with the earthquake which caused many victims in Bohol and Cebu, and therefore part of the profits were donated to the reconstruction in these countries.

The event placed in the Orangery of s. Sisto, Caracalla, with exhibitors of handicraft products made ​​from the fibers come from the Philippines, and the fashion show. Presented by Armand Curameng on stage – in addition to the creations of the designers – these days, alternated various artists.

1 - Some of models during the Press Conference, with Miss World Italy

Some of models during the Press Conference, with Miss World Italy


2 - Mrs. Marie Luarca-Reyes cwith some of the designers

Mrs. Marie Luarca-Reyes cwith some of the designers


3 - Kayumanngi Dance Group

Kayumanngi Dance Group


4 - Armand Curameng sing to the audience

Armand Curameng sing to the audience


5 - Philippine Rondalla

Philippine Rondalla


6 - Patis Tesoro

Patis Tesoro


The dresses were worn by models and models Italian and Filipino, and a Venezuelan model. The designer Dita Sandico-Ong is specialized in banaca, a mix of banana and abaca, has been distinguished by the bright colors of her clothes and plastic modeling of these tissues, Anthony Cruz Legarda for the use of indigo blue, a natural pigment in line with the style of these eco-friendly fabrics, Patis Tesoro, the Grand Dame of the fibers, enchanted the audience of the Circle of Marina with its sumptuous wedding dresses, while the Orangery has offered a collection youthful and colorful, very ethnic.

7 - Anthony Cruz Legarda with Armand Curameng

Anthony Cruz Legarda with Armand Curameng


8 - Patis Tesoro

Patis Tesoro


9 - Anthony Cruz Legarda

Anthony Cruz Legarda


10 - Dita Sandico-Ong

Dita Sandico-Ong


11 - Dita Sandico-Ong

Dita Sandico-Ong


12 - Cristina Ferraren

Cristina Ferraren


Renee Salud was among those who most enjoyed and wowed the audience with a  modern Show, with beautiful barong tagalog for men in fiber’s style. Also very beautiful gowns Jaki Peñalosa, Ilonga designer and member of The Designers Guild of Iloilo, and the youngest of all, Cristina Ferraren, apprentice to Dita  Sandico – Ong, who presented a collection aimed at young people. All under the guidance of the famous choreographer Raymundo Villanueva arrived from the Philippines.

13 - Jacqueline Penalosa

Anthony Cruz Legarda


14 - Jacqueline Penalosa

Jacqueline Penalosa


15 - Renee Salud

Renee Salud


16 - Renee Salud

Renee Salud


17 - Renee Salud

Renee Salud


18 - The Designers with the coreographer Raymundo Villanueva at the end of the event

The Designers with the coreographer Raymundo Villanueva at the end of the event


At last it was a great success for the organizers and also for Rome, which begins to know more and more one of the most lively and interesting cultures among our immigrant communities, with an event aimed not only to the community itself, but rather in the first rise to an Italian audience who liked this mix of music-fashion-crafts. With the hope that they can start a business in Italy and the local textile industry of these products, because it was the aim and the soul of the project of the organizers and designers.


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