My Trip to Seven Countries (3)

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


6 September 2013


We drove to the train station and parked the car, then we took the relatively short train from Treviso-Venice. It’s nice to be able to get around and not have to think about parking.

We spent the whole day in Venice. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Venice for a long time, and now my dream is about to come true! When I got off from the train, I immediately felt the warm, sunny weather. Yes, I’m in Venice now! It is crowded, of course, with tourist from all over the world.

seven-countries3 (1)

(1) Venice


seven-countries3 (2)

(2) farmers market in Venice, fresh vegetables and fruit too


seven-countries3 (3)

(3) the vendors


seven-countries3 (4)

(4) fresh seafood


seven-countries3 (5)

(5) peppers, we call this type of pepper cabai rawit in Indonesian. Very beautiful arrangement.

No wonder, Venice is known as a water city, because basically water is everywhere, and people use all kinds of boats, with or without engines. Both people and freight are transported by boat. For example, I saw household appliances being delivered on a boat, they then can park wherever they need to deliver the goods.

It’s interesting to me how many boats there are, because the canal isn’t wide enough for all the traffic.

seven-countries3 (6)

(6) The buildings surrounding by water


seven-countries3 (7)

(7) water….


seven-countries3 (8)

(7A) The famous Rialto bridge in Venice


seven-countries3 (9)

(8) more water


seven-countries3 (10)

(9) a nude woman sculpture without arms


seven-countries3 (11)

(10) this picture taken when we toured the town by boat


seven-countries3 (12)

(10A) This is our boat, that we use to cross to the other side, look like a Gondola doesn’t it?


seven-countries3 (13)

(11) several covered Gondola


seven-countries3 (14)

(12) the canal between two buildings

Finally, I saw a Gondola but I didn’t take it because it’s so touristic.

seven-countries3 (15)

(13) This is Gondola cruising through the canal


seven-countries3 (16)

(13A) another Gondola with a couple in it

But, I got the chance to take a picture with the Gondola driver.

seven-countries3 (17)

(14) The Gondola driver uniform reminded me of the prison uniforms used in Indonesia, black and white stripes.


seven-countries3 (18)

(15) another vendor in one of the corner in Venice. They’re selling many kinds of masks. They’re unique, and colorful.

I did enjoy Venice. It’s nice and it’s fun to walk around, up and down the bridge. It’s heaven for people who love shopping because stores are everywhere, some with brand name merchandise.

We took the train back to Treviso, got home, took a shower and quickly went out again for a party. It’s a September party. One of Cristina’s friends daughter was performing. She is 18 years old, multi-lingual, solo singer, and has a good voice too.

I believe,I was the only Asian at the party, all the other people were Italian.

Cristina introduced me to so many of her friends. I don’t remember any of their names, only the person whom I had met before, Daniela. This is the only picture taken from this party night.

seven-countries3 (19)

(16) I don’t remember the guy’s name. L-R Cristina, me, and Daniela. You can see in the distance behind us is the hall where the party was held.


To be continued…


78 Comments to "My Trip to Seven Countries (3)"

  1. Lani  19 December, 2013 at 07:11

    MARCUS : Thank you for your comment. O really? I thought so too………

  2. Marcus  18 December, 2013 at 22:41

    You’ve captured some wonderful views of Venice. It does all look very romantic there. And obviously in need of more Asian people lol

  3. Lani  6 December, 2013 at 10:48

    Ariffani : nah………klu soal GELATO mmg Italy adl jempol! Hrs dicoba, wlu aku pd dasarnya kurang menyukai yg manis2………selama travel semuanya aku coba, asal jgn makanan yg mmg aku tdk makan…………

  4. ariffani  6 December, 2013 at 10:45

    wahh selama ini saya saah kira donk bu :” , hehehehe,,, wahh tetep aja bikin ngeces,, apalagi jika hubungannya sm gelato ,,

  5. Lani  5 December, 2013 at 11:25

    MISS NGAING-NGAING : nah klu soal gelato/gellatori mmg komplittttttt…………dimana-mana ada……….ini mmg hrs dicoba………..

  6. Lani  5 December, 2013 at 11:24

    ARIFFANI : Venezia = Venice bukan negara……….hanya salah satu kota/town di Italy………..mmg banyak dibanjiri turis dr manca negara………tp spt kata Nia, kondisi sebenere tdk spt yg dibayangkan……….bukan berarti tdk indah……….tp sgt turistik

  7. nia  5 December, 2013 at 11:08

    Ariffani… jgn terlalu banget2 membayangkan Venezia… ntar sampe sana gelo/ kecewa. bagus sih tp menurut sy gak sebagus yg diiklankan. saking banyaknya turis jadi kurang kerasa Italy nya.
    btw gelato disana murah dan wuenak

  8. ariffani  5 December, 2013 at 11:02

    aaaaaaaaammmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,,,,, venesia itu satu2nya negara di seluruh dunia yang bikin saya ngeces bu,, hahahhaha,,,

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