My Trip to Seven Countries (4): Budapest – Hungary 1

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


7 – 10 September 2013

Budapest – Hungary (1)

Today, I’m leaving Treviso for Budapest. On September 7, at 10:30am, Cristina gave me a ride going to Venice Treviso airport. It’s a small airport. I’m taking Ryanair, it’s consider cheap domestic airlines in some countries in Europe. Because the fare is already cheap, so they didn’t give any service meals/snack. Everything you want, you’ve to pay. It’s my first time ever fly with Ryanair, I like it, because they’re on time.

I arrived in Budapest at 2:15pm. I have to walked quite far from the tarmac to get to the baggage claim. I saw several Japanese, and Chinese tourists, mostly they’re European. I feel very strange, especially surrounding, all people speaking in Hungarian language, English is limited. After I got my luggage, I don’t need to go to custom just walked through to exit to arrival area.

I spot my pen pal friend for more than 10 years, picked me up at the airport with his son.

budapest-hungary1 (1)

(1) my friend, Tibor and his son, Adorjan, enjoy dinner at the park.

This is our 1st meeting in person, but I feel like I’ve been known him for a long time. He introduced me to his 10 year old son, Adorjan, he is big for 10 year old boy, unfortunately he only speaks Hungarian and Italian.

budapest-hungary1 (2)

(2) Tibor’s family and me


budapest-hungary1 (3)

(3) Tibor’s family


budapest-hungary1 (4)

(4) me, with 10 year old Adorjan, he is a big kid

We walked to his car, and drove to my hotel. The hotel close to the train/bus station also mall. After arrived at the hotel, I check in. I put my luggage in my room, and we went out, to the mall, my friend told me, his wife, his sister in-law and his other 2 sons were there to see Lego mania. He introduced me to the rest of his family, and we walked together to show where the train station is. It’s a short meeting, after I said goodbye and I’ll meet them again tomorrow for sightseeing.

The three of us, Tibor, his son and me, continue going to Nepliget, it’s a people park, to see September festival. It’s a quite big park, a lot of vendors spread out the park. People are selling food, candy, bread, jam, Hungarian sweet, tools, games/toys for children, soap, and 3 stages concert music, it’s a rock band, most of the songs in Hungarian, but I heard several songs in English too.

These are some pictures from Nepliget park.

budapest-hungary1 (5)

(5) Kürtőskalács, Kurtoskalacs in English is chimney cake, it’s one of Hungarian famous sweet, with light taste of cinnamon.


budapest-hungary1 (6)

(5A) another vendor selling Kürtőskalács


budapest-hungary1 (7)

(6) Somlói Galuska is a sponge cake with with walnut, chocolate and cream


budapest-hungary1 (8)

(7) That’s is the price (ft = forint) for a scope of the Somloi Galuska. I didn’t buy it, it’s too rich.

Today, my friend is arriving from Slovenia, and we’re staying and share room in this hotel. I received a message from her, she will get to the hotel about 6:00pm. Unfortunately, she missed this festival.

I’m so fortunate to have Tibor as my guide, he speaks the language, he knows to get around.

budapest-hungary1 (9)

(8) Rétes in English is Strudel, with different filing inside. It’s delicious, while you’re sipping coffee.

Before I came here, I watched a movie on TV about travel channel. Because of that I already know a little bit about Budapest, such as the famous Hungarian Goulash, the Big market Nagycsarnok on the Vamhaz ter, it is near the Danube at the Szabadsag bridge, the Gellért spa which is a hotel with a spa, it has its own warm water spring. Kürtőskalács, Kurtoskalacs in English is Chimney-cake. Somlói Galuska is a sponge-cake with walnut, chocolate and cream, Rétes in English is Strudel, Lángos, this is the famous Hungarian bread.

budapest-hungary1 (10)

(9) Lángos, this is the famous Hungarian bread.

Comes many different flavors, I tried with garlic was so tasty.

budapest-hungary1 (11)

(10) This is famous Hungarian Goulash with fish


The next morning, Tibor and his family came to our hotel. We get ready for our second sightseeing around Budapest.  We went to Danube blend, we stopped by to a small town calls Szentendre. The weather is nice and warm.

budapest-hungary1 (12)

(11)the store is in every alley, it’s unique, it’s common in Europe. I love to walk around to this kind of stores, even only for window shopping.


budapest-hungary1 (13)

(12) The town of Szentendre, many shops, restaurants, and ice cream/gelatto.


budapest-hungary1 (14)

(13) one of Etterem means restaurant in English


Followed stop at the ice cream parlor

budapest-hungary1 (15)

(14) ice cream place, with Tibor standing at the door.


Next stop is near Kisoroszi on the other side of the Danube.

budapest-hungary1 (16)

(15) Beautiful panorama on the other side of the Danube

budapest-hungary1 (17)



Finally we had lunch in the town of Visegrád

budapest-hungary1 (18)

(16) menu book

At the Renaissance restaurant.

budapest-hungary1 (19)

(16A) The restaurant where we had lunch. It’s indeed a very big restaurant, has many rooms total for about 460 people.


budapest-hungary1 (20)

(17) I had the famous soup Hungarian Goulash with beef, and potato, very delicious.


budapest-hungary1 (21)

(18) Roekid soup, with cream, lemon and potato dumpling with onion


budapest-hungary1 (22)

(19) Turkey breast marinated in fruit juice in honey sauce with rice and raisin


budapest-hungary1 (23)

(20) Grilled piglet marinated in beer, with braised cabbage and boiled potato with yogurt


budapest-hungary1 (24)

(21) a mixed plate, with foie gras, goose leg, turkey breast, piglet, potato, cabbage and pie.


budapest-hungary1 (25)

(22) This the condiments, it’s not common in Hungary, on the back left side is mushroom and dill, sour cream, garlic and ketchup.

If you want to know more about this restaurant check this out:

About the menu :


To be continued…


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  1. Lani  29 January, 2014 at 08:27

    ANGEL : finally……….you’re here……..yep! it’s always nice to taste/try different food……..mahalo

  2. Angel  29 January, 2014 at 07:53

    kuliner di mancanegara, bikin ngeces aja…………..

  3. Lani  4 December, 2013 at 21:26

    ORAWAN : kop kun for adding comment in my article……..we’ve to get together sometime my friend………you can read my article when you get the chance…………I do know how super busy you’re………..see you at work……..

  4. Orawan Breen  4 December, 2013 at 14:42

    Aloha Lani, thank you for sharing. What a great opportunity and fortunate to be able to tour around like you. I didn’t get to see/read all of them yet but every interesting.

  5. Lani  2 December, 2013 at 23:05

    iya nih mbak Lani yg ramah dan tidak sombong…heheh, salah satunya yg bikin aku kangen ke Baltyra krn ada mbak ku satu ini yg selalu ramah menyambut sahabat2nya ini….

    HILDA : haiyaaaaa….terima kasih udah mendptkan pujian “ramah dan tdk sombong”
    Alasannya? Ramah mmg sdh gawan bayi. Tidak sombong, krn mmg tdk punya hal2 yg bisa disombongkan, kedua klu pun Tuhan memberikan kelebihan, yg ada dlm pikiranku “bagaimana kelebihan itu bs saya salurkan ke orang lain”
    Hilda, terima kasih…….satu jaminan, wlu kita belum pernah ketemu, keramahanku ini mmg sdh dr sononya.
    Klu kurang yakin “nah ini baru dah menyombongkan diri hehe” tanyakan pd member Baltyra lainnya yg sdh pernah ketemu sama diriku, atau pd juragan Pondol teman satu ndeso, satu sekolahan…….

    aku sekarang sudah berpindah tugas lagi, semakin ke timur Indonesia, nanti kapan2 aku buat tulisannya, karena tempat2 disini yg indah2 dan eksotis…sampai terharu kadang2 kalau sudah sampai di pedalaman disini dan menikmati alamnya….

    Nah ini satu perintah buatmu HARUS ditulis, krn kamu sdh beruntung melancong blasuk-an, blusuk-an ke Indonesia timur, krn sebagian banyak org indonesia, lahir di Indonesia, akan ttp mrk belum pernah melihat, berkunjung dr Sabang-Merauke. Aku percaya bhw Indonesia itu sgt indah, krn Indonesia punya semuanya. Hanya satu amat sgt disayangkan, para pengelolanya kage becus!
    Banyak org asing yg lbh menghargai negara kita, aku baru saja ketemu sama teman gereja yg malah sdh blasak-an ke Indonesia timur mrk mengatakan tiada taranya keindahan Indonesia, yg sering disebut adalah RAJA AMPAT

    wah, ternyata mbak Lani masih inget ya tentang kecelakaan kakiku itu, sekarang aku sudah bisa loncat2 lagi kalau nonton konser musik atau mendaki bukit (belum gunung siiiih hehehe) tapi masih pake pen di kaki
    Hilda jadi bionic woman dunk sekarang….
    salam sayang selalu ya mbak yg cantik dan penuh semangat

    Jelas msh ingat banget! Gimana mo lupa? Ikut seneng kaki udah sembuh sdh bs loncat2 berdansa ria………
    Biasanya kita baru merasa sgt menghargai klu pernah merasakan sakit. Maka plg penting adl KESEHATAN, tdk ada org jual kesehatan dimanapun didunia ini.
    Apakan pen akan dicabut suatu saat, atau mo jg bionic selamanya? Ngomong2 pasanganmu jg ikut menghilang, kemana aja si abang? Aku suka godain dr namanya………hehehe (Donald yang ndak pakai bebek)
    Trima kasih lagi ditambah pujian “cantik” nah klu yg ini mmg bener adanya, Tuhan menciptakan wanita dgn keunikan kecantikan masing2, jg bersyukurlah kita jd wanita, buat Hilda yg juga cantik dan bionic lagi hehehe……….jd ingat film Bionic woman.

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