My Trip to Seven Countries (4): Budapest – Hungary 2

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


After we finished our lunch, We went to the castle of Visegrad. We parked the car at the parking lot, and hiked through some kind of forest. It was a bit difficult because Angela (Tibor’s wife) had to carry her youngest son. He didn’t want to walk, so finally Tibor and Angela took turns carrying him.

budapest-hungary (1)

(1) the direction


budapest-hungary (2)

(2) part of the castle


budapest-hungary (3)

(3) what a wonderful view looking down from the castle


budapest-hungary (4)

(4) diorama inside the castle


budapest-hungary (5)

(5) some pictures and a story on the wall


budapest-hungary (6)

(6) soldiers in that era

If you want to know more about the history behind the Visegrad castle, go to

budapest-hungary (7)

(7) part of the castle down below


budapest-hungary (8)

(8) The panorama, and houses, across the river from the castle


budapest-hungary (9)

(9) This is the wax museum inside the castle


budapest-hungary (10)

(10) More from the wax museum

We had to leave the castle because they close at about 5:30pm. Our journey continued, going to my friend’s apt complex. On the way to his apartment, he drove around the downtown area. I took this picture of parliament building. I would have liked to visit there the next day, but all the ticket were already sold out, so my friend and I could only look around from outside the building.


budapest-hungary (11)

(11) The parliament building in downtown Pestt

I was so happy to have the chance to visit his apartment.

budapest-hungary (12)

(12) This is apartment complex where Tibor and the family are living.


budapest-hungary (13)

(13) They served sweets with tea or coffee.  I had mine with cappuccino which Angela made for me. This is the living room of their apartment.

A little bit of the story about this apartment complex where my friend lives. It is 8 floor stories building, with underground garage. Each floor has 7-8 apartments. My friend’s family apartment is on the 5th floor, and his is the biggest on the floor. All together the complex, Kondorosi, has 420 flats/apartments. It has the same name as the road where the apartment complex is.

Finally, we had to say goodbye to Tibor and his family. He gave us a ride back to the hotel. I’m very happy to finally have gotten a chance to meet him after being a pen pal for about 15 years. I hope we can see each other again, either in Hawaii, or back in Budapest.

Thank you, Tibor, for your kindness, your help, and for everything while I was in Budapest.


September 9th 2013

Today I continued my trip around Budapest with my friend who came to meet me in Budapest. We took the metro back to downtown Budapest.

I wanted to explore more, and wanted to visit the famous grand market which I saw on the travel channel.

These are the pictures I would like to share with everyone.

budapest-hungary (14)

(14) the pictures from the Nagycsarnok (the grand market) on the Vamhaz ter, it is near the Danube at the Szabadsag bridge.


budapest-hungary (15)



budapest-hungary (16)



budapest-hungary (17)


In this grand market, you can find everything: groceries, crafts, traditional clothing, T-shirt/shirt, hat, shoes, famous Hungarian embroidered clothes, food, all kind of nick-knacks, bags, jewelry and much more.


budapest-hungary (18)



budapest-hungary (19)

(E) You can find any color, any style, of bags in this grand market. To me, everything is different, interesting and beautiful.


budapest-hungary (20)



budapest-hungary (21)



budapest-hungary (22)



budapest-hungary (23)



budapest-hungary (24)

(J) you can see how creatively and artistically the store owner arranged the chili peppers.


budapest-hungary (25)

(K) This is another artistic display: dried red chili and garlic


budapest-hungary (26)



budapest-hungary (27)

(M)This store sells all kinds of sausage


budapest-hungary (28)

(N) more sausage


budapest-hungary (29)

(N) another one


budapest-hungary (30)

(P) we met a couple of tourists from the Netherlands, father and son. We sat down, and had some coffee and sweets. They ended up paying for us, what a lucky day!


To be continued…


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    Herlani,Selamat Natal Des 2013 dan Tahun Baru 2014

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