My Trip to Seven Countries (5): Slovenia – Bosnia – Croatia 4

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


September 16: Three of us; Novie, Ayu and myself, are leaving Metlika  today going to visit a friend in the town calls Izola. This town is near the border of Italy. From there we are going to Trieste in Italy.

This person, originally from East Java, who lives in Izola is a friend of Novie and Ayu. I’m going to meet her for the 1st time.

Before we arrived at her place, we stopped at a new Asian supermarket in Ljubljana.  We found Indonesian food and seasoning in this store, even Tempeh-soybean cake, kecap manis-Indonesian sweet soy sauce, krupuk udang-shrimp crackers, frozen durian from Thailand and more. The price of tempeh was 2.52 euros for 400gram.

After we finished doing some shopping we continued on to Wusie’s place.

When we arrived, Novie introduced me to Wusie, who is a very friendly person. We got there around lunch time, and it wasn’t surprising Wusie was already preparing all kinds of Indonesian food for the three of us.

Here are the pictures:

slovenia 4 (1)

Fried fish, gado-gado -Indonesian salad, sliced BB duck, bumbu rujak -egg and chicken in spicy coconut milk, rice and krupuk.

Everything was so delicious. Wusie is a good cook. We really appreciated Wusie’s kindness.

After we finished lunch, we didn’t wait for long before going to Trieste, Italy. Trieste isn’t so far from Izola, it’s on the other side of the border. Wusie drove all 5 of us, including her daughter.

These are the pictures from Trieste:

slovenia 4 (2)

Nice afternoon view of the ocean, the weather is still very warm.

We saw a cat on the way to the museum, he was very friendly

slovenia 4 (3)


This is me, in front of the museum. I wasn’t even aware my friend took this picture.

slovenia 4 (4)


This picture taken from the 2nd floor of the building

slovenia 4 (5)


slovenia 4 (6)

L-R : Ayu, myself and Wusie


slovenia 4 (7)

This is part of the building which connects to the ocean, as you can see people can walk on the path.


slovenia 4 (8)

This picture was taken from the front of the building. Behind the building is the ocean


slovenia 4 (9)

There is a garden down below, we walked down the stairs, we can see the ocean in front of the garden.


slovenia 4 (10)

I took this picture on the ground floor. We didn’t go inside to see the museum but only walked around outside and did a short hike in the forest surrounding.

We spent about 2 hours in Trieste. The town of Trieste is a typical European town, many old buildings and full of tourists. They don’t have real beaches, but man-made beaches made from cement. To me they seemed very un-natural.

Of course they can’t compare with the natural beauty of the beaches in Hawaii.

We arrived back in Izola just before dark. We walked around town, looking at the many stores. We went inside one clothing store that had a sale on summer clothing and finally we ended up at the pier. We spotted a restaurant along the way to the pier.

These are some pictures from the place:

slovenia 4 (11)

Boats, yacht parking


slovenia 4 (12)

Me with yachts at the background


slovenia 4 (13)

Ayu and myself


slovenia 4 (14)

My dear crazy friend and myself


slovenia 4 (15)

More yachts

We left Wusie’s place around 9:00pm and drove back to Metlika,  arriving at almost midnight.

We were so tired, but we had such a good time today.


September 17th: The morning started as a bad gloomy morning. When I got up, there were thunderstorms, and lighting too. Finally the drenching and cold rain came.

I wasn’t expecting this condition……

Actually, my friend and I had been planning to help Ayu harvest grapes in her vineyard but we canceled.

When the rains stopped, we went out for a sight seeing walk in the neighborhood.

It was wet and cold outside, but it was ok for me because today was my last day in Slovenia, tomorrow I am going to fly to the Netherlands.

My friend, her husband and their 10 year old son are going to visit a place across the border from Croatia. The border is the river.

These are the pictures:

slovenia 4 (16)

Christopher and me, in the Slovenian side, behind us is a river with raging water, and cross the river you can see a small house/cabin, that’s Croatia side.


slovenia 4 (17)

Christopher is adorable 10 year old boy, who can speak three languages.


slovenia 4 (18)

More Christopher with his dad. He can be a rascal too hehehe


slovenia 4 (19)

This is the small house/cabin at the Croatian side, the river is the border


slovenia 4 (20)

This is a map I saw in this place

After we left this place, we still went around a little bit, Svonko showed me a campground, houses in the village in Croatian sides, and of course the borderland, but we didn’t go to Croatia so we didn’t need to show them our documents.

We went back home, and we went out again right away, this time only the 3 of us, my friend, her son and myself.

We went to Ayu’s place, to enjoy homemade crèmes chnitte and Ayu’s daughter playing an accordion.

slovenia 4 (21)

Ayu’s daughter, Nikita playing accordion.


slovenia 4 (22)

Nikita, Christopher from the distance, we sat down at the kitchen area.


slovenia 4 (23)

From left is oseng tempeh-spicy stir fry tempeh, in the middle is one of Slovenian dishes called Obara, and Ayu’s famous crèmes chnitte, yum!

After dinner, Ayu is gave me a tour of her big house. Her husband is a wine maker, so they’ve a place to store the wines. Unfortunately, I can’t drink alcohol, so I couldn’t taste their home made red wines.

Finally, we said goodbye until tomorrow.

I went to my friend’s place to pack up because tomorrow morning leave from Ljubljana airport.


September 18 : We left the house about 10:00am and arrived in Ljubljana about noon. We went to the mall to do some window shopping because my flight didn’t leave till 6:00pm.

We went to food court to have lunch. It’s a huge place, with all kind of food. I was so confused with so many different choices. I felt like tasting everything but of course that is  impossible.

I picked different salads in the salad bar; a little portion of each of it to taste, also a piece of panko chicken, with wild rice.

slovenia 4 (24)

This is my lunch, my goodness what a big appetite! I couldn’t finish it. What a waste.

I was so full, and I didn’t have room anymore for cappuccino, and the anything from the bakery.  It’s too bad because they looked so yummy!

slovenia 4 (25)

My friend picked this fake/surimi shrimps, it tasted ok.

After we finished with our lunch, we went to another mall, did some more window shopping and more walking.

We left the mall and drove to the airport around 3:00pm. I took Adria airways, the only airline from Slovenia.

I said goodbye to Novie and Ayu at the gate, it was kind of sad, because I  enjoyed our time together even if only for a short time. But someday, we’ll see each other again………

I waited about 45 minutes before boarding time.

nasvidenje…….se vidimo….

About 8:20pm I arrived at the Schipol airport Amsterdam.


To be continued…


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  1. Lani  6 April, 2014 at 22:45

    RON : Thanks, for your comment and thank to you too for the beautiful Tulips…………

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    Nice article,lovely pictures !

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    pantesan kenapa bisa tiba-tiba ada muntu dan cobek di Eropa Timur…

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    Oh masih berlanjut to perjalanannya?

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