Rome celebrates the Kurdish Newroz

Text and Photos: Stefano Romano


On April 21, the 171 Newroz was celebrated, the Kurdish New Year, in the community center ARARAT managed by Kurdish community, mostly refugees and displaced persons fled from the land still in pain.

1 - Traditional dances

2 - Traditional dances

3 - Traditional dances

4 - Traditional dances

5 - Traditional dances

Traditional dances

Nowruz is the name of the Persian New Year and coincides on the first day of spring (March 21). It has been celebrated for more than 3000 years in many countries, not only in the present Iran (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Albania, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan). In 2010 the General Assembly of the United Nations has recognized the International Day of Nowryz. The Canadian Parliament has added Nowruz to the national calendar in 2009.

6 - The melancholic folk songs

7 - A singer

Melancholic folk songs and the singer


8 - Hundreds people dance in circle

Hundreds of people dance in circle

Nowruz: What does it mean? The word “Nowruz” is a Persian word composed of two words: “now” which means “new” and “ruz” which means “day.” Nowruz means then that there arose a “new day”, which determines the beginning of the new year.

9 - Traditional singer

10 - Traditional dances

Traditional singer and traditional dances

Newroz is celebrated with the ritual of fire, millenary ritual that dates back to pre-Islamic Zoroastrian tradition: it symbolizes the end of winter but also the end of darkness ripped open by the light of the Fire and hope. The hope of a people struggling for their territorial and linguistic independence.

People fleeing because under persecution, in fact, the Newroz is repressed and opposed by the turkish government and also by the Islamic component that considers a khafir rite, although this Newroz took to the streets more than a million Kurds to celebrate in the capital.

11 - The ignition of the fire

12 - The ignition of the fire

13 - The ignition of the fire

The ignition of the fire


14 - Flames reach the sky

Flames reach the sky

In Rome was celebrated with many Italians came to listen the insistent rhythms and poignant songs, also assisting in traditional dances, and then – before midnight – to light the big fire and dance around in a circle, hand for hand, under the flags praising Ocalan, the imprisoned leader of the revolution from many years in Turkey.

15 - Dance in circle around the big fire






Dance in the circle around the big fire

The dancing went on until late at night.”


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  1. Stefano Romano  5 April, 2014 at 13:39

    JC my camera is CANON but my religion is my eyes

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    Magnificent pictures! Happy to see all those big and wonderful photos. Btw, what is your “religion”? Canonian or Nikonian?

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    I sure like those group dancing.

  4. Kornelya  29 March, 2014 at 02:19

    Very impressive. Ironically, the ceremony was accepted by people outside Turks , while it rejected in their own main land.

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    Nice photograpy….
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