The Netherlands (3)

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


When I arrived at the bus tour office, I got off the bus and I spotted this beautiful church. I would have liked to see more of the insides, but there just wasn’t time because the 2nd bus tour was already boarding passengers.

I quickly went inside, took this picture and left because I didn’t want to miss the bus. Unfortunately, the picture I took was dark, because there was not enough light.

netherlands 3 (1)

Inside the church


netherlands 3 (2)

The church from outside


netherlands 3 (3)

A little farther away

Finally, I got in the bus, and the bus left. The driver was still the same, a young guy of mixed Indonesian and Dutch heritage. He can only speak a few words in Indonesian. When I asked him to say some Indonesian words, he smiled and said: nona manis (beautiful girl), terima kasih (thank you).

First stop was a visit a small ceramic factory in Delf. When we got out from the bus, I took this picture of a flock of ducks swimming around the canal.

netherlands 3 (4)

Canal in front of the factory with ducks swimming around


netherlands 3 (5)

This is the famous ceramic factory in Delft. It’s a 3 stories building


netherlands 3 (6)

This is cross from the ceramic factory


netherlands 3 (7)

Typical houses in The Netherlands


netherlands 3 (8)

Ceramics vase already finished

This is the only original famous ceramic place left, still owned by the this family. There is souvenir store inside the building.

They make all kinds of very beautiful handmade ceramics; earring, plate, vase, tea pot, bowl and more. They also provide a certificate to prove the product is genuine.

However, it is so expensive, I didn’t buy anything. I only looked around and took pictures. I was even afraid to touch it, because if you break you buy it.

netherlands 3 (9)

The artist drawing


netherlands 3 (10)

More displays, it’s such a beautiful color


netherlands 3 (11)

This is the original with blue color


netherlands 3 (12)

Gorgeous, isn’t it?


netherlands 3 (13)

All kind of plates to put on the wall as a decoration


netherlands 3 (14)

This is the factory from front outside

They demonstrated the process making the ceramics. From the molten material, they put it in a mold to shape it into whatever they want to make.

After that, they put it in an oven, which looks like a crematorium used to burn dead body. They heat it to certain temperature, then cool it down, take it out of the mold while it’s still cooling, then shape it, and make it smooth. It’s indeed a long process before finally becoming a piece of beautiful art.

We spent about 1 hour, then we left and visited a carnival. The guide gave us some free time to walk around the town and have coffee.

netherlands 3 (15)

This was the carnival, you can see a church in the background.


netherlands 3 (16)

I spotted this vendor selling all kinds of oliebolen, my mouth watered and I bought one.


netherlands 3 (17)

This is the church, it’s so tall so it is not easy to take a picture of it.


netherlands 3 (18)

Church from a different angle


netherlands 3 (19)

I saw this blue heart and I asked the driver to take me to this place.


netherlands 3 (20)

Same church


netherlands 3 (21)

Café shop


netherlands 3 (22)

The store


netherlands 3 (23)

Stores between the canal


netherlands 3 (24)

This is the horse sculpture in front of the royal palace in Den Haag

Our trip continue to the famous little/miniatures of Holland calls Madurodam.

netherlands 3 (25)

This is the sign and the map before we came inside Madurodam.

I paid 84 euros for 10 hours of tours which including admission.

Madurodam pictures:

netherlands 3 (26)

netherlands 3 (27)

netherlands 3 (28)

netherlands 3 (29)

netherlands 3 (30)

netherlands 3 (31)

Walking around inside Madurodam I felt like I had become a little girl again


netherlands 3 (32)

Here’s some flowers still blooming


netherlands 3 (33)

I asked somebody from our bus tour to take my picture


netherlands 3 (34)

There are a restaurant and souvenir shop, inside the Madurodam.


netherlands 3 (35)

This is the restaurant

Madurodam was the last stop for the second bus tour.

The tour finished at 7:30pm. I then walked 7 minutes to the Amsterdam main train station and took a tram going to the hotel where Hennie was staying. I stayed overnight with her.

netherlands 3 (36)

This is the train station, it’s big, and nice ancient building


September 21st : Today we’re going to meet up with my friend mas DJ, and his wife Susie. We agreed to meet at the Dam, a white national monument in Amsterdam.

Hennie and I left the hotel just before noon. We wanted to walk and sightsee. We also stopped to have coffee and apple strudel. I think the most famous apple strudel comes from Germany. After we finished our coffee, we checked out the stores thoroughly. We were looking for souvenirs to take back home.

netherlands 3 (37)

This is one of the building surrounding the Dam


To be continued…


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  1. Lani  16 May, 2014 at 05:27

    KORNEL : whoadooooh………….gubrakkkkkk……….krompyaaaaang………gmn critanya si cowo bs ujug2 dioperasi? sakit apaan? semoga cepat sembuh ya, sampaikan pd si cowo pesanku ini……..trims

  2. Kornelya  16 May, 2014 at 02:00

    Itu lho, cowok yg suka ngomong dgn dirimu di telp .hahaha

  3. Lani  15 May, 2014 at 23:33

    DA : panitia PEMILU?????? Halah………paling panitia pemilihan miss Bikini pating kliwir……….jgn lupa kang Anuuuuuu, Pam-Pam dan lurahe diundang………agar mrk puas njereng dan melototin………….kkkkkkk

  4. Dewi Aichi  15 May, 2014 at 22:02

    Lani..aku sibuk sampai tanggal 18, Minggu besok, minggu depan bisa skype-an wis…janjian…tenan yo…ini aku sedang jadi panitia pemilihan umum hahahaha…

  5. Lani  15 May, 2014 at 21:26

    Laniiiiii….wis apik tenan iki, foto fotonya luar biasa bagus bagus….beginilah enaknya…ngga usah ke mana mana, cukup menikmati perjalanan teman teman keliling dunia., sudah tau banyak, jadi duduk manis sambil berselancar di dunia virtual, mau ke Belanda , Italia, Amerika, Asia , Australia….bisa….bisa ..bisa….ngga usah beranjak dari tempat tidur, selain irit, juga aman hehe…

    DA : yo ancen bener tenan kowe, tinggal duduk manis, melototin rumah kita, sdh spt diajak jalan2, kemana saja, ndak usah keluar duit sepeserpun! Oleh krn itu kita hrs berterima kasih sama yg namanya tehnologi to? Spt katamu dgn ditempat tidur wis mimpi keliling dunia wakakakak…..
    Kowe sibuk po? Ora tau skype meneh? Sll kangen karo sodara kenthirku siji iki………

  6. Lani  15 May, 2014 at 21:23

    KORNEL : boleh tau pasienmu itu siapa? Yg penting kamu ndak ikutan jd pasien lo ya

  7. Kornelya  15 May, 2014 at 21:04

    Subo Lani, aku lagi urus pasien, yg baru di operasi .

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