The Netherlands (4)

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


netherlands4 (1)

This picture was taken in the area surrounding the Dam. You can see Mac Donald’s sign peeking out.


netherlands4 (2)

This building is across from the Dam


netherlands4 (3)

This is from a different side of the Dam


netherlands4 (4)

This is the Dam square/monument. It’s a place for people to have fun, talk, look around or just hang out.


netherlands4 (5)

The view not far from the Dam monument


netherlands4 (6)

Finally, I spot my friends. I’m so honored they came from Germany just to see me.

netherlands4 (7)

I’m so happy to finally have the chance to meet them.

netherlands4 (8)

L-R myself, Susie and DJ


netherlands4 (9)

More bicycles


netherlands4 (10)

River cruise


netherlands4 (11)

Wanna beer?


netherlands4 (12)

We were walking, talking, laughing, taking pictures and we spotted this farmers market in the back ground.


netherlands4 (13)

L-R Susie, myself and Hennie, farmers market in the back ground


netherlands4 (14)

Mas DJ, arrived at the Chinese restaurant. We had lunch at mas DJ favorite restaurant. The food was delicious, we really enjoyed it


netherlands4 (15)

Bicycles everywhere. I didn’t want to miss posing with the bicycles. On my right, is the canal.


netherlands4 (16)

This panorama is typical in Europe.


We’re in the Red Light district. I saw a “live mannequin” inside the glass door. I would have thought, they’re only in action at night time, but I was wrong. They do business day and night. I don’t want to judge them, I guess they need money to live.

netherlands4 (17)

Red Light district at night time


netherlands4 (18)

Buildings in Amsterdam


netherlands4 (19)

More buildings


We say goodbye to Hennie. She had to leave and meet with somebody else.

We continued to walk down town and arrived not far from the central station. We walked about 2-3 hours. I didn’t feel tired at all, because we enjoyed talking and laughing. Also everything was new, exciting and different for me.

Finally, mas DJ, his wife Susie and myself arrived at the Sex museum. Next door is a café, where they would wait for me, if I wanted to visit the museum.

At first, I was kind of hesitant, should I visit this museum or not? The ticket was only 4 euros! There was a long line to buy tickets, so I walked around and looked at the front of the building, and I was still thinking……

When I got to the ticket counter, I made up my mind, ok, I’ll go see it.

netherlands4 (20)

Here are some pictures on the wall, but I have no comment! Enjoy it


netherlands4 (21)

You do know what this picture is!


netherlands4 (22)

netherlands4 (23)

A woman with no bra


netherlands4 (24)

The sex symbol Marlyn Monroe


netherlands4 (25)

Nude mannequin display on the wall


netherlands4 (26)

This is one of the mannequins


Basically, this Sex museum is about Sex itself! Either man, woman, or couple are shown “doing their business”

It took me about around 45 minutes to see everything and take pictures. I then went next door to meet mas DJ and Susie. I don’t know how many bottle of beers they drank, or maybe tea, coffee.

netherlands4 (27)

This is the café next to the Sex museum. Susie is alone.

First thing mas DJ asked me : How was the museum? I laughed a little self-consciously. I don’t know if I laughed because I had fun looking at everything in the museum, or I just laughed because what I saw was funny, and gave me a weird feeling.

I can say, European countries are much more open about sex compared to the US.

I sat down, and we continued talking a bit, and finally it was time to say goodbye to them. They were going back to their hotel and planned on staying one more day in Amsterdam. I was going back to Den Haag, taking a train from the central station.

netherlands4 (28)

This is Amsterdam central station


netherlands4 (29)

Different angle of the central station


netherlands4 (30)

This is inside the train station, it’s big with several railways


To be continued…


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