Festival of The East

Face from Nepal

Face from Tibet

TANNURA - Dervish dance of Egypt by Emad Selim

TANNURA - Dervish dance of Egypt by Emad Selim

TANNURA - Dervish dance of Egypt by Emad Selim

The Japanese soprano Li Li

Art of watermelon from Thailand

Traditional Dance from Bangladesh by Madhobi

Traditional dancers from Thailand by Sawasdee Lombardia

Ambili Abraham and Bollymasala Dance Company

Player of Koto from Japan

Traditional dancers from Indonesia

Traditional dancers from Indonesia

Traditional dancers from Indonesia

Borobudur Indonesian restaurant under assault of people

People inside one pavillion of Fair

The dance of Ikebana of Kaoru Kobayashi from Japan

Traditional dancer from India

Elsbert Anthonysamy and Shakti Dancers

Taiko - the war drums from Japan by Masa Daiko

The cerimony of the by Kaoru Kobayashi from Japan

Pradeep Shastra traditional dance from Sri Lanka

Pradeep Shastra traditional dance from Sri Lanka

Young dancer from China

Orient Festival

Text and Photos: Stefano Romano


“A long day immersed in the rhythms and colors of the East Asian Festival.”

From May 30 to June 2, at the Fiera di Roma, it was held the seventh edition of the festival, after the great success of April in Milan. Two pavilions that have welcomed thousands of visitors to see the shows of martial arts and folk dances. To frame the event, dozens and dozens of stands, foods, clothing, informational, make-up, spices, decorations, and anything that belong to the East.

Orient Festival

Orient Festival

Among the most exciting performances that have followed without pause, between the two stages of the two pavilions, from morning till evening, we remember the dervish dance Tannura from Egypt by Emad Selim, the Japanese drums of war TAIKO by Masa Daiko, the incredible dancing masks from Sri Lanka, the sublime voices of Chinese and Japanese sopranos, the rip-roaring Bollywood dances, the lush costumes of the Thai and Indonesian dancers.

Truly a trip without breathing in the magic of the Orient.


About Stefano Romano

An Italian-born, by faith and destiny embraced Islam and passionately love Indonesian rich culture. His shots are extra-ordinary, as people say: pictures worth thousands words.

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    Stefano, stunning pictures! As I mentioned before, it will look magnificent in big picture format! Awaiting your next shots…

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