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September 24, 2014: My 1st day in Montpellier

Montpellier, known as a student city, has many universities/colleges. Students come here from all over the world to study. The city is also famous for its medical university which is the oldest in the world. The famous Nostradamus studied there.

Today the three of us, Clara, Ali and me went for one day trip to Carcassonne. We left the house about 10:00 am in the morning.

This is the history behind Carcassonne: La Cité of Carcassonne was built on the site of a former Roman fortress. In this medieval site, Simon de Montfort fought epic battles against the heretics (called the Cathares), who were protected by Raymond Trencavel, ”Vicomte de Carcassonne”. After the destruction of the town surrounding “La Cité”, Saint Louis authorized the inhabitants to build the Bastide on the left side of the river “Aude”. A great part of it was set on fire by “le prince noir” in 1355. The Bastide Saint Louis became a city full of manufacturers of drapes. In the 19 century, cultural life was very rich and the city profited from wine growing which is appreciated worldwide today.

montpellier1 (1)

(1) Clara Bordji and me with Carcassonne in the background


montpellier1 (2)

(2) Entrance gate to Carcassonne


montpellier1 (3)

(3) Taken from the left side of the building


montpellier1 (4)

(4) You can see how huge the complex of Carcassonne is


montpellier1 (5)

(5) This is the alley before we went inside.The arrow pointed to the visitor’s center


montpellier1 (6)

(6) Inside the visitor’s center


To me, this old building was so amazing! It was really breath taking. I felt like I was living back in that era


montpellier1 (7)

(7) Inside the complex there are stores most of which sell souvenirs


montpellier1 (8)

(8) Different angles of the Carcassonne


montpellier1 (9)

(9) Clothing store outside the building complex


montpellier1 (10)

(10) All kinds of bangles, bracelets, in different colors


montpellier1 (11)

(11) I took a picture of this building with interesting ornaments


montpellier1 (12)

(12) Taken from different angles of Carcassonne looking out at neighborhood houses


montpellier1 (13)

(13) More houses


montpellier1 (14)

(14) Clara and I in action


montpellier1 (15)

(15) We were under one of the gate in Carcassonne


We spent about 2 or 3 hours in this place, finally we were hungry and we stopped to have lunch at one of the many restaurants. And this was what we had:

montpellier1 (16)

(16) Big portions of salad, fresh and yummy!


montpellier1 (17)

(17) Seafood Paella so delicious


montpellier1 (18)

(18) Big shrimps, rice and salad. Mouth watering isn’t it?


montpellier1 (19)

(19) The famous local “cassoulet” : beans, sausage, with duck or goose meat


montpellier1 (20)

(20) Ice cream and mousse


After we finished lunch we continued to walk around the complex. About 4:00pm, we took a break, it was snack time, or dessert time, you name it.

montpellier1 (21)

(21) The famous French’s crepe, it’s so thin and delicate

That was our one day trip to Carcassonne. I was so impressed……………


September 25th , 2014: my 2nd day in Montpellier

Today Clara and I explored downtown Montpellier by taking the tram. The tram station wasn’t so far from Clara place. I don’t remember how much it costs to take this city tram (1€40 – 1€10 if you by 10 tickets). We got off in a mall, with many stores, restaurants and an entertainment place. The 1st thing I saw in front of the mall is this big Merry go round.

montpellier1 (22)

(22) It reminded me of when I was a little girl and went to “pasar malam”, night market. I was always taking a ride on the Merry go round.

I recall that this place was pretty quiet on that day we were there.

We walked around and ended up having lunch at the Turkish restaurant, the owner was friend of Clara. We ordered many different things and they put the food in small plates. It’s similar to a Padang restaurant.

montpellier1 (23)

(23) As you can see here, chicken kebab, bread, toast of bread with tomato spread, bread with slices of some kind of meat, chicken tempura, fried shrimp, potato wedges, fried jalapeno pepper filled with cheese.

After we finished our lunch, I had a cappuccino. It tasted different then cappuccino I had had in Italy.

montpellier1 (24)

(24) I don’t know what Clara had, I think some kind of yogurt


montpellier1 (25)

(25) It was half gone already


We left the restaurant and took the tram back. We got off at the square to look around this place. The building is typical of European countries, old and full of history. It was amazing!

montpellier1 (26)



montpellier1 (27)

(27) The same building from a different angle


montpellier1 (28)

(28) This is the what the tram looked like; deep blue color with ocean birds painted on the roof.


montpellier1 (29)

(29) Taken from front of the tram


On the way back home, we stopped around town and did some more sightseeing.

montpellier1 (30)

(30) The town looked so quiet


montpellier1 (31)

(31) There’s a park in town


montpellier1 (32)

(32) Florist store


montpellier1 (33)

(33) The alley with church in the distance


montpellier1 (34)

(34 A) Arc de Triomphe it’s smaller than the one in Paris


montpellier1 (35)



montpellier1 (36)

(35) The building behind me looks like was in Rome


montpellier1 (37)

(36A) The famous medical faculty (the first created in the world)


montpellier1 (38)



To be continued…


35 Comments to "Montpellier – France (1)"

  1. Lani  21 June, 2014 at 11:12

    KANG MONGGO : Tremnya manis seperti permen, seandainya ada trem seperti itu di Sleman, rutenya Gunungketur-Pakem.

    mmg begitulah kira2, cm ini permen sing ndak bs diemut………lagian ora legi kang hahaha……pertanyaan saya: mengapa route tram nya hrs dr Gunungketur-Pakem?????Apakah ini utk mempermudah para pasien yg hrs check rutin ke Pakem????? Hahahahah……siap2 dibalang panci blirik oleh prof. Pakem

  2. Sumonggo  21 June, 2014 at 09:53

    Tremnya manis seperti permen, seandainya ada trem seperti itu di Sleman, rutenya Gunungketur-Pakem.

  3. Lani  21 June, 2014 at 06:15

    DA : Perancis lawan Swiss? Monggo klu mo bal2-an……..plg pas ngajak kang Anuu…….aku cukup nontonin aja ya

  4. Lani  21 June, 2014 at 06:14

    AL : Begitu to sejarahnya……..oleh krn nya kedua daerah, ada peninggalan gaya Perancisnya. Thanks, utk penjelasannya

  5. Alvina VB  21 June, 2014 at 02:05

    Ja…blm selesai ngetik dah kekirim, ini laptop antik dah…Quebec City dan Montreal ada di bawah pengaruh Perancis sampe thn 1760 ketika Inggris masuk dan menang perang dlm kurun waktu 7 thn di luar Quebec City yg terkenal dgn sebutan Battle of Quebec atau Battle of the Plains of Abraham (krn perangnya ada di tanah milik org yg namanya Abraham martin). Stl perang tsb, Perancis kalah dan pengaruh Inggris masuk di Quebec. Ttp gak lama krn setelah itu nantinya mereka sign treaty, bagi2 daerah kekuasaan, upper Canada yg sekarang provinsi Ontario (Toronto ada di provinsi ini) diambil alih Inggris dan lower Canada (provinsi Quebec sekarang) dikasihkan ke Perancis, makanya sampe hari ini perngaruhnya masih kentel. Pembagian daerah ini pada dasarnya awal dari terbentuknya Canada selanjutnya nanti

  6. Alvina VB  21 June, 2014 at 01:57

    Mbak Lani, kita musti bedain antara Quebec sbg provinsi dan Quebec City sbg ibu kota provinsi Quebec. Kedua kota Montreal dan Quebec City, dua2nya ditemukan oleh org Perancis yg ke mari dgn harapan bisa mencari jalan ke Asia, ha..ha….dari jadul ternyata org bule salah arah cari jln ke Asia kok di tanah Amerika

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