Montpellier – France (3)

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


We kept on walking at the village alley. Basically it was one whole day trip. I had to thank you for the hospitality of Clara and Ali her husband. They are really nice and best host for me, while I was in Montpellier and around. Also Clara the best guide for me in Paris.

montpellier3 (1)

(1) green, lush, and look so quiet


montpellier3 (2)

(2) a garden taken in somebody house


montpellier3 (3)

(3) a house on top and the store on the bottom


montpellier3 (4)

(4) what a romantic moment, Clara and her hubby


montpellier3 (5)

(5) the square

It’s common in Europe, always has square, surrounding with shops, café shop, restaurant with table, chair, outside.


montpellier3 (6)

(6) same location, different angle, with big tree in the middle



(7) you can see people sitting under the umbrella


montpellier3 (8)

(8) there was church in the corner of the square, we came inside, look old but very strong building


montpellier3 (9)

(9) showed the pipe organ up stair in this church


montpellier3 (10)

(10) the church looking from the front


montpellier3 (11)

(11) we came to this store, the lady was so friendly and fortunately she speaks English, so I can have conversation with her.
It’s a small store, selling all kind of souvenir, locally made, everything was so interesting, beautiful, it’s great for gift giving for any occasion.
Such as potpourri with so many different scents, candle with different fragrance, table cloths, kitchen utensils, handmade soap with so many different color, scent, and shape it was great!

Dresses, napkins, some children toys and more. I feel like, I want everything in this store, but of course I can’t afford it, secondly how can I take it home? Maybe I need to charter a plane to take it home.

At least I bought something from her and she gave me an extra potpourri. And the bonus was taking picture with her.

montpellier3 (12)

(12) this picture taken outside from the store, showing the roof of the house and a mountain rock at the background.


montpellier3 (13)

(13) showing more houses, surrounding with a lot of trees and shrubs


montpellier3 (14)

(14) This picture taken when we just left the village alley, showing the panorama of the dam

We were driving back to Montpellier. When we got to Montpellier, Ali stopped by to this building, he said, it was famous because they put this building picture in a five euro bill.

montpellier3 (15)

(15) look like a half rounded window


montpellier3 (16)

(16) I have to take picture with this famous building as my back ground


montpellier3 (17)

(17) another picture with different angle

This building is called “acqueduct”, wich in latin means “bring water”. In historic times, the water had to be transported from the water source, 20km outside the city to the fountains in the center of the old Montpellier, by the mean of this “acqueduct”. Most of it is now in ruins, but the part downtown shown in my pictures is still ok.

Our one day trip ended in this place, and we continue driving home.

I had a good time.


To be continued………..



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