End of My Trip – Paris (1)

Lani – Kona, Hawaii


September 26, 2013

Last night, I did my last laundry. And packed my luggage. Tomorrow morning I was leaving Montpellier going to Paris with Clara. We took express train from Montpellier to Paris. The ticket cost 78 euro/one way.

September 27 2013: we got up early morning and it was raining. We left the house about 5:30am. Ali gave us a ride to the train station.

After we got to the train station, I said thank you to Ali for being a good host and guide while I was staying in his place and say goodbye, till we meet again.

Clara and I continue walking to the train station, and waiting for our train coming.

Finally the train came about 8:00am, we got in. I like our seat, on the very end. The seat is comfortable. We were fortunate because nobody else sat in our chair, only both of us.

We felt hungry, because we didn’t have any breakfast. We went to the café to get some coffee, juice, snack and bread.

Along the way to Paris, we talked and making jokes, nothing interesting to see outside the glass window, I think this train taking country side, it’s just flat, no big trees, sometimes just empty land, or factory.

I didn’t remember precisely how many hours we were on the train. We finally arrived about 1:30pm, we took taxi going to Clara’s daughter apartment. We were staying there for 3 days.

Not very long after we arrived we went out for lunch, Isabelle joined us.

We walked to the restaurant because it wasn’t so far. It was a small place, not busy at that moment. this the food that we ordered.

paris 1 (1)

(1) Clara ordered pizza include small amount of salad


paris 1 (2)

(2) Isabelle ordered, I believe that was pork and potato


paris 1 (3)

(3) this is mine, salad, salmon and mashed potato, yum!

I had chance took some pictures inside the restaurant


paris 1 (4)

(4) that is the table next to where we sat down


paris 1 (5)

(5) showed all kind of different pickled in the glass jar


paris 1 (6)

(6) different angle inside the restaurant


paris 1 (7)

(7) menu

After finished lunch, we went back to Isabelle’s apartment, and we went out again to picked up Isabelle’s two children at school. We walked to school, passed by the park, it was nice. We arrived and the school wasn’t finished yet, all the parents, guardian, standing in front side of the school alley.

When the school finished, all the children with the teachers went outside, the rules is very strict, the teacher won’t give the children away, if the teacher and the children didn’t recognized the person who picked her/him up. Safety is number one, they don’t want any child get kidnapped.

When the two of Clara’s grand children showed up, they were very happy to see their grandma. They both very adorable children, the oldest was a boy, then the second one was a girl. The girl looks like the famous movie star Shirley Temple when she was a little girl, curly hair, big eye and so friendly, she wasn’t shy at all.

We walked home, and stopped just before the park to see Eiffel tower from the distance away, the weather was sunny and bright, so I can see Eiffel tower so clear! I said to myself “finally, I was in Paris”

Anyway, basically, I didn’t, I couldn’t have any conversation with the two little angels, because they don’t understand English or Indonesian, neither me couldn’t speak French.

It was so funny, they keep talking to me in French, and I talked back to them in Indonesian.

Arrived to Isabelle apartment, I asked her to help me to find out about bus tour going to Eiffel tower and Versailles palace.

I didn’t arrange this tour far away ahead, so I didn’t get many choice. I booked that two for two days.

September 28 2013: Isabelle gave me a ride to the travel office, it was far from her place. Along the way to get to the travel, I look around from the car, Paris was a busy city, the traffic was busy and crowded, many old buildings, museums.

This is the pictures I took on the way to the travel office.

paris 1 (8)

(8) one of among the church in Paris


paris 1 (9)

(9)I forgot the name of this statue (any reader who knows this, please let me know by writing it in your column comment, the name of the places, statue, that I forgot, thank you………)


paris 1 (10)

(10) the street of Paris


paris 1 (11)

(11) another one


paris 1 (12)

(12) forgot the name of this equestrian statue


paris 1 (13)

(13) traffic jam


paris 1 (14)

(14) I don’t understand nor have any idea what, why, this picture came out like this?


paris 1 (15)

(15) again I forgot the name of it


paris 1 (16)

(16) I leave it blank because I forgot

This pictures taken when I was on city tour.


paris 1 (17)

(17) This is the same I forgot


paris 1 (18)

(18) The famous Eiffel tower


paris 1 (19)

(19) Eiffel tower and me


paris 1 (20)

(20) more Eiffel tower


paris 1 (21)

(21) from the distance


paris 1 (22)

(22) somebody getting married. Finally, this car stopped at the park, and they were Indonesian couple. Because they talked so loud in Bahasa Indonesia. I didn’t recognized who they were, but sure they are rich, with many guests!


paris 1 (23)

(23) more Paris


To be continued…



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