Jilboobs, Do Not Blame Them

Bambang Priantono


But revealed
But viewable
Veiled the upper
Show up tightly the lower
The since early 2000 phenomenon
On behalf of fashion
Taste of passion
For being beautiful
Beneath the covered
That jilboobs
But never blame them
Never prejudice them
They just do not know yet
They just wanna be fashionable but covered
Just remind them
And pray for them
To be covered properly


Tapi terbuka
Tak terlihat
Tapi nampak
Terkerudung di atas
Tapi bersingkap di bawah dengan ketat
Fenomena sejak awal 2000 itu
Atas nama adibusana
Citarasa gairah
Agar terlihat cantik
Di balik ketertutupan itu
Para jilboob
Jangan salahkan mereka
Jangan sudutkan mereka
Karena mereka belum tahu
Mereka hanya ingin nampak modis namun tertutup
Arahkan saja mereka
Dan doakan
Agar tertutup dengan sebenarnya


This is my first opinion after months I’ve never written anything longer but photo sharing and following various wondrous challenges.

Recently, particularly in social media, there is a trending topic called ‘jilboobs’ or ‘jilbabes’. At first, I didn’t know what it is, what is jilboobs? what is jilbabes? Everywhere now we can easily meet and see head-scarved women. At home, on the street, at work, at school, at parliament, and wherever you go particularly Indonesia. I emphasized on Indonesia, because I live in Indonesia and I will tell about Indonesia than other countries. Head-scarve or hijab or jilbab, as we call, has been part of Islamic dress-codes, besides following Allah’s obligation to cover bodies, it has also been part of fashion. You can see various styles of hijab and numerous Islamic dress designers with their own boutiques, they always introduce new styles for many occasions.


In Indonesia you can also see various hijabs from partially covered until totally covered. So covered that you cannot even see her eyes (burqa or niqab), celebrities also introduce their hijab styles and followed by their fans. But for the last several days, I heard the new term about ‘jilboobs’ or jilbabes. Jilboos is a portmanteau of jilbab (headscarve) + boobs. It describes about a head-scarved woman but their dress up tightly till showing up their body parts particularly -sorry- breasts. Their hijab mostly just cover up their upper chests, not cover their breasts as required by sharia law.

Many of them cover their heads, but still wear tight dress and even legging pants. For me, it is nakedly covered, because they still show up their other body parts, and even emphasize on what they should hide from public. Most of them think it is fashionable and trendy, while others said they still learning to wear hijab and many more reasons. You can see them everywhere along with properly covered and uncovered women. This phenomena has actually been well-known since early millenium when we call them as ‘kudung gaul’ or ‘fashionable veil’ when they only cover their head, but tightly dressed in other parts. Sexy? For me it’s not.

There are various reactions about the ‘jilboobs’ term. Many disagree because it’s considered as pejorative and discourage their motivations to cover up more, but some of them use it as joke by sharing the jilboobers photos in various social media as facebook, twitter, instagram and so much more, and it is unethical as you share other persons without permission. Many also said jilboobers embarrass other real hijabers (and hijabistas).


In my humble thinking, the jilboobs still break sharia rules, though I am not a good Muslim. For me, hijab should cover breasts as well and the dress is not too tight or at least little bit loosely worn that the body won’t be shown up and they should be told about the ideal hijab, but once more without mocking and persuasive approaches. I think and believe, the jilbabes (jilbab + babes) are still learning to cover their bodies, because in their deepest heart, their recent styles are not good example for others.

What should we do? just motivate them by many ways. The ulemas have also encouraged the ladies to cover up more their bodies, and Islamic fashion designers as well as celebrities have responsibilities to boost up the correct hijab styles for commoners. Indonesia is not Islamic country, and head-covering is personal matters (except in some parts), burqa and niqab are also worn by tiny minorities, but it’s free…along with the proper hijabers, jilbabes and uncovered.


I hope there will be an improvement, and the term jilboobs or jilbabes is about to be disappeared in the future as they will dress up better. Better..not too extreme.

Don’t blame them
Don’t mock at them
Just tell them
And pray for them

I am still trying to write more and more in English. Sorry if my English is not really perfect.



Bambang Priantono a.k.a Nono


Also available at: http://bambangpriantono.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/nonos-note-jilboobs-do-not-blame-them/



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