The Chinese New Year in Rome

Opening Act

Opening Act

Martial Arts

Traditional Dance

Traditional Dance

Traditional Song

Children of The Chinese School of Zhonghua

Chinese School of Zhonghua Performance

Song and coreography

Exhibition of The Soprano - Jing Zhang

Traditional dance

More traditional dance

Modern dance

Player of Pipa

Final Choir

Moment of Final Choir

Last Greetings

A Dancer



“The Chinese New Year began in Rome, a few weeks in advance of the official date of February 19, the day that greets the Year of the Horse to welcome the New Year of the Sheep (or Goat), lucky charm animal in the Chinese tradition.

The festivities, which will continue in the next month with other events, took place at the Theater Orione, in the presence of Roman politicians and the Chinese Ambassador Li Ruiyu.

Traditional Song

Traditional Song

This year, among the local artists and Italians, like the fantastic children girls of the School of Chinese Language of Zhonghua, arrived in Rome a delegation of artists from the area of Wenzhou, from which come most of the Chinese in Italy.

The show went on for nearly four hours, including essays with bel canto with sopranos and tenors, traditional dances, performances of martial arts and traditional instruments. A great success, filmed by Chinese television.
While waiting for the next event.”



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