Why Am I Blogging?

Elisabeth Oktofani


Perhaps some of you wonder why I like to share my personal problem in social media, i.e blog. Well, I am type of person who like to do thing for a cause. I always have a reason why I do thing things whether why I shave my hair off, why I go to gym or even why I blog about my personal life.

So why do I blog about my personal life? Once I read a blog post saying that writing a journal would help our personal growth and development because it would give us an insight about our behavior and moods. I kinda agree with that statement especially I have been writing personal diary since I was little girl and have been blogging since I was 16. I found that writing a journal would help me to reflect about my life especially everything what I have been going through. On the top of that, I also can review the improvement of my writing skill and my vocabulary bank.


But I must say that I am not kind of person who like to share my problem with my friend.  It is not because I don’t trust them to keep my secret but I tend to not believe or trust their judgement. Not saying that they are wrong, it is just ….. their judgement tend to lead me to further confusion.

And the most annoying part  of it is people would start being judgmental and telling you how wrong or even how stupid you are without understanding the circumstance. They would even start telling you that “you should not have done this and that… and bla bla bla

Oh well…. I guess it is our problem, we tend to listen to respond than listen to understand why thing is going wrong with somebody’s else life. Am I right?

And those are the last thing that I want to hear from other especially when I know very well that  they are not in my shoes.  Yet, sometimes …. I still have a discussion with my friends also about my problem  but not to seek for advice.

So what should I do if I need some advice? As I love reading book and listening to the music, I always would seek for some advice from inspirational book or inspirational songs. It helps me to reflect about my problem. Other than that, they would never judge me but  tend to give me a wiser suggestion. That’s the best thing of it! Try it!

So that’s why I rather to share my burden by blogging than talking to friends because I want to protect my feeling, to protect my heart and to prevent me from bad influences from other. But as humanly as possible,  I am trying my best to not posting a harmful or sensitive blog anyhow. So bear with me readers….


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