Why Do I Dislike Soccer?

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Everybody has their own preferences, passions, hobbies, opinions and ideologies. All have choices in live. As humans are created for having choices. But, norms and ethics sometimes restrict human to be free on their choices. Much alike loving soccer. Soccer is ‘identical’ to macho things, and many beliefs that men must like soccer, though just watch it all night long till drop into fatigues. Soccer is not only loved by most men, but also some women. Most means not all and not all men like football match even some hate it so much.


Why do I dislike soccer?

In my own family, only me who dislike soccer, even its match on TV. When I was six, my late grandpa often brought me to the stadium for watching soccer match, and at the time I disliked it so much. One brought a ball and kicked it to the others, and how can a ball become human’s object? That’s my little brain thought at the time. When the soccer match started, I just did what I wanted such as sleeping, roaming around the stadium, looking at the surroundings and having snack.

Even at home, I often quarreled with my father and late grandpa as at the time soccer match was aired, there’s also my favourite show in another channel. I couldn’t wonder why people can stay all night long just for merely watching soccer, yelling aloud and screaming like a mug shot alien. Therefore, when friends talk about soccer, its match schedule, review about the team and favourite ones, I just keep silent as if a perfect stranger among people.
I also ever be bullied for years during my school time, from elementary till high school as many schoolmates considered me as weird, bookworm, ridiculous, or even sissy boy as I was not into any physical exercises and I was very bad at physical education.

My friends would laugh even mocked me when it was my turn to play basketball or football. Physical Education was my nightmare, but I couldn’t avoid it. My score was always below six for sport, but it could be balanced with the theory in class which I could get much better score. At least in my school report, I would be able to get 7 for Physical Education. Basket ball? No way! I didn’t like it as soccer itself.

I always leave to my room when my father change the channel to soccer match. I had got funny event with my father. 20 years ago, I and my dad were lying in front of TV, my father were watching 1994 USA soccer and I just grumbled in the corner, as there’s also my favourite show. The TV was only one, and I had to wait calmly till I felt asleep. When I woke up at midnight, I found my father had already been sleeping next to me, while the TV was still on. It was hot and I couldn’t sleep anymore. When I changed the channel, there’s no more but USA World Cup match, hence, I had to watch it till the end of match. Damn!

Let me tell you a sad story related about soccer again:

In 1996, when I returned home and visited my late grandfather, I watched TV alone. I didn’t know why I remembered my grandpa, as at the same time there’s his favourite soccer match. I usually never told him about the schedule as we would dispute who and who will watch first. But at the time, I woke him up by whispering and told him about the match. He looked so pale, but I didn’t care about it, then I went sleeping. At 4 am, I woke up for praying and found my grandpa was sitting on his beloved chair, he seemed like sleeping, and I tried to woke him. For the first, he didn’t respond. Then, I tried again while calling his name. When I touched his hand, it’d already been cold. I was panic and yelled everyone in the house.

He’d already passed away and I was so shocked till I didn’t want to watch soccer match anymore. It gets worse. But his pass away didn’t relate to soccer, at least I told him to watch it and I didn’t believe that it’s his last show he watched during his live.

I also skip sport section when I read newspaper, magazine or any online media. I just read at a glance for knowing what’s new in the sport world. I am such a weird person who dislike soccer, but I am not alone yet. I found that one of my in-law dislike soccer too. And more and more people who has got similar interest.

But then, I grow up with the new thinking, everybody has got their own choices. I try to read some football news and know more about the players and gossips around them. But once more, never ask me to watch the match or even go to the stadium, as I will politely reject it. I prefer reading book, watching classic movies, learning languages, and visiting historical places. All make me alive as I can talk and talk more about it.

Soccer? Sorry, no…

I have my choice, you too

I am proud to be weird and different


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