Be Kind to Your Body

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Once in my life when my organs, muscles, and nerves screamed at the same time. They were overworked. They were exhausted. They voiced out their needs: to rest. I’d forgot that body had its own logic.

body alarm

I had never listened to them.

I had ignored them when they’d sent me signals.

I had had bad habits and unbalanced life: eating unhealthy foods (at the wrong times), stayed up late every night, did not sleep enough, not enough exercise, stressed out, anxious, and might be unhappy.

I was so drained. So tired. Almost died.

Deep in my heart, I needed to bounce back. My life needed to be rebooted.

It took me almost two years to regain my energy. It was not an easy task to do. But I did it anyway, bit by bit. At the end, not only to regain what I’d vanished, but more importantly I feel like gaining more energy. During this journey, I met incredile people which supported with their hearts. I learned new way of life. I was reminded that our body is pretty amazing. If we want to talk, understand, and cooperate with my body, it has its own capacity to rebuild and fix the damages inside.

I’ve changed (almost) all bad habits. And most importantly, I learn how to treat my body more kindly. I started to be more sensitive what my body signal is trying to send me. I listen to them more intensively: what it really wants. Does it want to go to bed early? Do I need a regular detox? etc etc. Our body can tell me a lot about it.

I feel really amazing doing this. I encourage my good friends to do the same; to listen their body and not to treat their body like machine. So they won’t experience the same thing I’d had once.


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