WAEREBO – a traditional village in Manggarai

Leonardus Nyoman


A small village located in the heart of Manggarai, about 1100 m above see level, can only reached by foot for 3,5 hours trekking from Denge village, to get Denge, you can take a car from Ruteng for abour 3 hours and Labuanbajo for 7 hours. For further info at: www.floresexotictours.com or www.komododragontours.com

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  1. Swan Liong Be  8 September, 2015 at 16:09

    Lan, sorry ya, youtube kirimanmu sudah aku trima tapi lantaran panjangnya aku gak liat karena computerku low speed sekali dan selalu nyendat² jadi males tunggu begitu lama.

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